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   This design was used in windows, but could be sidelights or a transom, as below.

Interior sidelights and transom with the same design reconfigured to different proportions.

The modern design above was made to fit the end gable of a house, and below is the home's entryway.

The damaged sidelights above (see broken panes in right sidelight) were remade with waterglass for privacy, allowing removal of the curtains. The original lead rosettes were re-used.

In this double entryway, the same design was built with color for the exterior and clear textures for the interior.  This creates an interesting effect

where you can look through the interior panels to see the colors of the exterior sidelights.

      View from outside of exterior sidelight                         Exterior sidelight from inside                                View of Vestibule from Main Hallway

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